Mattresses & Cushions

Our range of mattress and cushions are made from high quality foams and gels, our covers all have a none slip base to prevent sliding, all covers are heat sealed, welded with a raised zip with flaps it water proof and wipe down. Our base flex mattress comes in 2 3 4 & 5 inch can be used as an underlay overlay or with active systems. Also our trolley mattress has a none slip base heat seal cover and water-resistant.

The Duoflex community mattress has castellations of variable depths that cover the head, shoulder torso calves and heels creating zone that maximise support and pressure reduction. The smaller castellations in the heal and head areas enhance pressure disputation. The individual cells move independently and contour the body shape, air channel between cells encourage circulation of air within the mattress reducing build up of heat and moisture.

The Proflex has castellations on the base, which both aid profiling and create airflow that helps reduce heat and moisture build up. The surface lay is high density memory foam to create excellent pressure relief and helping to prevent pressure ulcers for patients, recommended for medium to high pressure, recommend weight is 22 stone. Our Duoflex 30 cushion is our low to medium made with castellated foam. Our Duoflex 50 cushion is our medium to high-pressure foam mix with high super visco/elastic memory foam. Our high pressure gel flex cushion composes of high density visco mousse moulded foam with a fluid pu gel which is sensitive to heat which makes soft contact with the body which fits perfectly on the forms. When the patient move the material react very quickly without generating any pinching or sheering effects. Also our Stabils cushion is a version of ergo it comes with two wedges of pelvic different height. The top layer of visco elastic gel provides a very effective pressure distribution. All our cushion products are tested and approved by the french ministry of health.

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